Webinar: Navigating Healthcare in a New Ecosystem

August 8, 2019

With unemployment falling and new business challenges shifting demand, attracting and retaining talent is more important than ever. Employers are turning to health and benefits to make their organizations as attractive as possible to potential employees. But when it comes to your rewards package, “one size fits all” is becoming a thing of the past – especially for healthcare strategies.

Our ever-changing healthcare system has created a new market for emerging programs and solutions. New vendors are impacting how care is delivered, how individuals manage their health and how employers structure their benefits programs. How do you navigate this new ecosystem and evaluate which solutions are best for your organization?

In this webinar, Jim Winkler (Senior Vice President, Global Chief Innovation Officer, Aon's Health Solutions) and Janet Faircloth (Senior Vice President, Health Innovation, Aon's Health Solutions) discuss:

• Key trends and the future of total rewards
• Innovation in today’s healthcare system
• Picking the right vendors for your organization

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